The OT Sleep Intervention Package

The mission of Elevate OT is to be a helpful, evidence based resource for Occupational Therapists, whether it’s through newsletter content, e-courses, or resources work. 

So with that mission in mind, we created a convenient, evidence based, CBT-I focused collection of easy to use handouts that help you quickly address patient sleep issues.

    What's included?

    You'll walk away with actionable, evidence based tools to put into practice right away:

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    The items are printable PDFs (15 pages total) plus a bonus spreadsheet; all are updated in 2017.

    • Sleep Intervention Tool - choose the right CBTi based interventions for your clients with help from this simple overview document. 1 page Handout
    • Sleep Hygiene - worksheet for patients, or ideally for you to easily use with patients to assess known personal, environmental, and occupational factors that positively and negatively influence sleep outcomes. Provide education and coaching to support client centred learning and action. 2 page Handout & 2 page Journal
    • Stimulus Control - refers to the relationship between 5 specific behaviours and the bedroom environment. Work with your patients to assess these 5 key behaviours and support them to recognize and implement new practices consistent with positive sleep outcomes. 3 page Handout & 1 page Journal
    • Sleep Restriction - refers to the practice of improving sleep efficiency by limiting sleep to the hours a client is actually sleeping; then, gradually increasing total sleep time. You provide education, coaching, and monitoring of sleep restriction therapy to improve sleep issues. 2 page Handout
    • Sleep Restriction Calculator (Bonus) - quickly help your patients calculate a new bedtime and prescribe a specific sleep plan over the next 4 weeks with this spreadsheet. Spreadsheet
    • Relaxation Training - coach your patients to use evidence based relaxation techniques to improve sleep. 2 handouts
      • Progressive Muscle Relaxation - refers to a relaxation technique that works by tensing and relaxing different muscles to bring about a state of deep relaxation. 1 page worksheet
      • Diaphragmatic Breathing - refers to a relaxation technique that works by using the diaphragm to draw air deep into the lungs to bring about a deeper state of relaxation. 1 page worksheet
    • General Sleep Journal - a comprehensive paper-based sleep journal that can be used to track key sleep-related habits over a two week period. 1 page journal
    • Reference Guide (Bonus) - a list of key references used in the creation of this pack to support your practice and decision making 1 page citation list


    Delivery is through download from a secure link sent directly to your inbox


    Purchasing Options

    Two different options are available for you this year:



    The Sleep Intervention Package is the bare essentials of the Elevate OT Sleep Course; perfect for those of you who are already confident in sleep theory, assessment, and science, but need evidence based tools to quickly and easily use in practice.


    Immediate access to 15 pages of downloadable PDFs
    CBTi based worksheets, handouts, and tools covering: Sleep hygiene; stimulus control therapy; sleep restriction therapy; and evidence based relaxation techniques for sleep issues.

    Bonus: Sleep Restriction Therapy calculator spreadsheet
    Bonus: List of literature use to create the pack to support your practice.



    The Sleep Assessment and Intervention Course takes it to the next level, with lessons covering basic sleep science, assessment, and intervention; perfect for those of you who are serious about transforming your ability to understand and deal with insomnia in adults.


    Everything in Sleep Intervention Pack PLUS:

    2.5 hours of evidence based lectures
    Notes for all slide and sections
    Citations in text to support learning and practice decisions

    Bonus: Overview of modern 'wearable' and sleep technology
    Bonus: 30 minute section on additional sleep tools
    Bonus: Access to 15 free validated sleep assessment measures, and an organized sleep resources link area