Meet The Elevate OT Team

Devon, Ben, and Mark are the co-founders behind Elevate OT.


Devon Cochrane


Ben Krieger

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Mark Vasak

We’re working to bridge the gap between research and clinical practice to enhance the confidence and care delivery of Occupational Therapy.


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Our Story

It all started when we met doing our Master of Occupational Therapy together at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, B.C., Canada where we all graduated from the Occupational Therapy program in 2014.

We started our careers excited with the possibility of making a real positive impact with our work. We had big aspirations for what OT means, how unique and important it is, and how it was going to be our tool to really change the way healthcare is approached today. Fresh with training from our Master of Occupational Therapy program, and with an evidence based approach driven into us, we dove into our work. 

It wasn't long before the reality of today's workplace started to sink in. We were quickly constrained by not enough time; not enough practical or organized tools or resources;  pressures to conform to the other healthcare providers; pressure from other healthcare professions to take our work. A huge list of external expectations to practice in a certain way, and in an evidence based fashion, but without real support to do so.

We soon realized that living up to our aspirations and values, including practicing up to date is simply not a feasible reality for many OTs out there. We were getting more stuck by the constraints of today's workplace than our ability to practice as the OTs we thought we would be.

Not satisfied with this, the three of us (Occupational Therapists Devon, Ben, and Mark) turned our nerdy (but awesome) book review club into a weekly meeting about how to better support our own practices. We decided the first steps were to support our own education and make ourselves better resources.

We started to learn, research, build, and test resources built from primary literature, and soon came to realize that our resources were actually evidence based, patient centred, making a difference in the lives of our patients. Our tools were in-line with the way we thought we would practice, and a huge step beyond the hand me downs and mishmash of papers we were supposed to be helped by.

This was really exciting. We were working more efficiently and could more clearly link our interventions to an evidence base, support our decision making and resources in practice, and free up more time to practice in the confident, caring, and modern way we aspired to for our patients.

After more and more therapists started asking us for our resources we saw an opportunity to help others like us: OTs who want to move beyond the constraints of their workplace and re-ignite the inspired OT they know they can be - and so we created a Elevate OT.

Today Elevate OT is helping OTs meet the increasing demands of the today's workplace; providing knowledge translation, education, and practical tools, all based on best practice evidence, to help OTs deliver confident and caring evidence based care delivery.