Online CEUs for Occupational Therapists

Online education taught by industry-leading professionals that includes evidence-based video courses, resources, and more to expand your knowledge, better serve your patients, and earn your CEUs.

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Why do we support Medbridge courses and tools for our members?

We care that our members have the educational resources and tools to move past the real constraints of their workplace to do inspired work for their patients.  We also know that we can't do this alone.

Because of this, we believe that a Medbridge subscription can be one major support for many of our members (particularly those from the States).

Medbridge offers a large and growing collection (over 450+) Occupational Therapy courses. In addition, you gain access to a large variety of tools, resources, and hundreds of courses form 'cousin' healthcare professions such as PT.

Our team cares deeply about being as evidence based as possible; it's one of our fundamental values. Although we can't check every course at Medbridge, we've been assured that the educational courses their instructors provide are approved by the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA). This matters to us because it helps us know that education is sound for you and the people you help.

In Canada we don't have CEUs quite like our Elevate members do from the States, but given the savings on a regular or premium membership, a yearly subscription to Medbridge is seriously worth considering to advance your education, practice, and to take care of your ongoing education requirements (CEUs).

As a way to help our members in something they already need, and to find an easy way for them to support our work, we teamed up with Medbridge which allows us to provide you with discount for a yearly subscription of up to $175 off.

What does a Premium annual MedBridge Subscription include?

600+ accredited and evidence-based courses for Occupational Therapists
Home Exercise Program featuring 5,000+ exercises
250+ patient education videos and handouts
Patient Mobile App.
And more...



More information?

Click on the image below to visit Medbridge and use the promo code: ELEVATEOT to save $175.

P.S Please feel free to get in touch with our Canadian team here at ElevateOT, and we'll honestly do what we can to help you make the best decision for your needs.