The OT Falls Prevention Package

Nearly one in three seniors in the  community falls once per year. Falls can lead to loss of independence, decreased function and mobility, and other issues including hospitalization. 

Falls are not part of the normal aging process, and OTs have an evidence based role in addressing falls prevention as an occupational performance issue

So with that mission in mind, we created a simple to use, convenient collection of evidence based handouts and checklists to support Occupational Therapists to actively help their patients prevent falls.

What's included?

You'll walk away with actionable, evidence based tools to put into practice right away:


    The items are printable PDFs (17 pages total); all are updated in late 2017.

    • Falls Prevention Education - Provide your patients with an overview of key falls risk factors and Occupational Therapy interventions to reduce falls risk and enhance function in everyday life. Based on current research, use this handout to provide clients and caregivers with critical information in a simple manner. 5 page handout
    • Falls Prevention Action Plan -  Take a collaborative, client-centered, and action based approach to falls prevention by working with your patients through this detailed list of specific risk factors and interventions in eleven key areas. 3 page worksheet
    • Falls Prevention Home Safety Checklist - Help your patients address falls prevention at home. This easy to understand checklist helps you assist your patients to locate and address specific risk factors to improve safety and function in 12 different areas of the home. 4 page worksheet
    • Safer Walk Checklist - Provide your patients with a one page checklist to review before they leave home for a safer walk in the community. 1 page worksheet
    • Therapist Fall Prevention Screening Tool (Bonus) - Complete a thorough  assessment of personal, environmental, and occupational factors that may be influencing falls risk in your patients.  Use this tool to help organize your assessment information, be reminded of key factors to assess, and to create a summary and treatment recommendations. 3 Page Tool
    • Reference Guide (Bonus) - Support your use of these resources, be able to justify your resources in practice, and get patient specific using this list of key references used in the creation of this pack. 1  Page Reference Sheet


    Delivery is through download from a secure link sent directly to your inbox



    Frequently asked questions

    Can I use the pack with my older adult patients?
    Absolutely! The package extends to use with older adults in the home and community. For older adults in care facilities the tools will be best used as a therapist guide, checklist of environmental factors, and patient assessment tool.

    When were these handouts updated?
    We last updated the pack in winter 2017 with up to date evidence.

    What if I don't like the material?
    We guarantee that this pack is helpful, quick to put into practice, and evidence based…if you are not happy with your falls prevention package, we insist that you tell us and we’ll refund you money back and you get to keep all the resources.

    Do you offer a falls prevention or home safety course; similar to your sleep course?
    Unfortunately not yet! We're working hard to build more tools and resources for keen OTs like you and we'll be sure to keep our members posted once we do.